Ecomonkey – The Backend

For the very first time all is revealed from behind the scenes, well not exactly, but enough to get a flavour of the system complexity, which required a half time mechanic to keep it fed with fresh and up to the minute data and fresh looking.

Naturally Drupal, even in primitive version 5, coped admirably and mostly without fault. My lovely developers didn’t always use the Drupal hooks and filters, which was a very minor irritation in the bigger scheme, but they delivered pretty much on time more than a minimum viable product (MVP), which started to make some money fair quick. And, mostly without their help I was able to take over day to day management e.g. run bespoke database queries to do interesting things in the front end, as well as keep the back end tidy (joining tables seemed relatively easy compared with access once I got started); but also deploy an array of modules which could do some of the heavy lifting for me.


Ecomonkey – the front end

We had to take the demo site down. So I spent an hour or so setting up a local version and snapping the main screens so that others could see how the reward scheme operated. There were a number of bespoke templates driving each of the views, but eventually both Drupal Panels and Drupal Views came into play to automate the tricky stuff.