Ecomonkey Review

In case you were wondering what others thought of the concept, here is what our main partner reckoned – awarding the site a stonking 9/10.

Site Review (2008)


Content 23/25
Functionality 22/25
Originality 20/25
Creativity 23/25
Total 88/100

Affiliate ID: 64216
Affiliate Name: Philip Immirzi
Phone: 0845 388 9817 is a brand new reward affiliate promoting merchants that offer greener products and services. Members are encouraged to shop through eco-friendly and ethical merchants by accumulating green points which can be exchanged for rewards such as iTunes Music Cards or Amazon gift certificates. The greener the customer’s shopping bag, the more rewards they get.

Ecomonkey rates not just products, but brands and retailers, assessing merchants’ green credentials and offering shoppers a ‘Greentag’ rating on thier search results.

Whilst the site’s main aim is to reward green and ethically-conscious consumers, these ratings show a merchant’s relative ranking on the greenness scale rather than excluding those companies which are not considered very ‘green’. This has the advantage of supplying greener companies with more business whilst still allowing consumers to make an informed choice of where to shop.

Products can be filtered according to their ecological merits as well as by traditional criteria such as price and popularity, without inhibiting navigation around the site. Category lists are available in the left-hand margin of each page and can be expanded to allow shoppers to drill down to specific product types. Hot links to the latest products and a drop-down menu listing the most ethical and environmentally-friendly items complements the vast range of shopping options, and helps maintain the user’s focus on the purpose of the site.

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