Ecomonkey has had to be put down

This dynamic chart shows that not enough was happening and sustainably with the ‘user’ fundamentals, during the important startup months. There was systematic lack of user engagement, until a major search engine failure donated us thousands of daily visitors (if an affiliate link gets in before the trader it is promoting, surely this is a failure?). Experience was already replacing shopping as the great british passtime and flogging the dead monkey didn’t pay off.


After several years of leaving on the web for demonstration purposes, mainly for others to copy, to emulate or simply do it better, we’ve reluctantly decided to put it to sleep. was officially not receiving updates by the end 2010, but still working from a technical POV til 2012.

Maintaining the code base indefinitely was never really a practical notion and we didn’t. We stopped refreshing the database long ago. It was not making us any money, it didn’t justify our time, even though the slimmed down beast looked and behaved well in the front end. The were a few deprecated functions however were taking their toll, resulted in far too many warnings clogging up the logs and kept our very small virtual server somewhat overworked.

So we backed up the code and the database, and pulled the plug.

Rest in peace.